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The Radicalization Watch Project (RWP) is based on a multilingual monitoring system focusing on radical network activities worldwide. The project maintains an anonymized database of documents (text, audio, video) generated by extremist groups and radical organizations. It is intended to provide professionals with situational awareness of hostile environments through indicators and markers, video exploitation and content analysis, applying predictive linguistics, and quantitative and qualitative methodologies.


The RWP-SAD (Suicide Attack Database)

The development of the Suicide Attack Database (SAD) marked the initial phase of suicide research. It was our desire to build a “corpus” or collection of “testaments”, and analyze the words, phrases and sentences in them according to the aggressive emotions or violent actions they convey. The Radicalization Watch Project (RWP) maintains a multimedia database of documents on major suicide attacks since 2003. The database includes the original written, audio or video “testament” (suicide note or letter). The database is multilingual and uses native language sources (eg. Arabic, Farsi, Pachto) that are likely to have the most extensive relevant information.

See Rich Language Analysis for Counterterrrorism. Berlin, London, New York: Springer-Verlag, 2009.


The SNOW Database (Suicide Notes Worldwide)

After the RWP-SAD, the second phase of research was the development of the Suicide Notes Worldwide Database (SNOW). It was our desire to build automatically a collection of suicide notes, posted on the World Wide Web. The database contains over 1,000 notes, written by people who attempted or completed suicide. These notes were identified based on linguistic markers (semantic matrix and patterns) with an emotional connection to the subject of suicide (such as pessimism, negativism, guilt, sorry, fear, anger, blame, hopelessness, etc.).

See, LXIO The Mood Detection Robopsych. The Brain Sciences Journal, 1(1), 98-109, 2012.


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